What is the Simultaneous Ring Feature?

On a full service business line you have advanced Simultaneous Ring and Sequencing features as follows:

Ring All

With Ring All, your calls will ring your onQ-VOIP line and an external destination both at the same time. Whichever call answers first will take the call.

Ring In Order/Call Hunt

With Ring In Order/Call Hunt, you can specify up to 2 external destinations and incoming calls will ring one at a time in order starting with your onQ-VOIP adapter for the amount of time you specify.

Auto Answer/Caller Announce

When auto answer is enabled, your call will immediately be connected when you answer any ringing phone.

When auto answer is disabled and you answer a simul ring destination phone, you will get a menu announcing the caller and giving you 3 options to handle the call.

1 – Accept the call

2 – Send to voicemail

3 – Ignore the call (Call continues to ring other destinations)

This is especially useful if you have a cell phone as a destination number since if the cell phone voicemail comes on immediately, it would be bypassed since you would need to press 1 to accept the call.

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